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About Us

We’re Carry on a Fine Tradition!

Harry & Nick Economos

  Did you Know?

  • Many Kenley Players’ stars enjoyed a meal at the Saratoga when performing at Packard Music Hall in Warren in the 1960s and 1970s.

  • In our early days, Warren was a country town. Our customers, unaccustomed to the luxury of restaurant dining, brought their own silverware with them

  • A 1941 ad for the Saratoga boasts two added dining rooms and Frigidaire air conditioning.

  • In the 1930s, a large fish tank displayed turtles, which were the principle ingredient of The Saratoga hallmark of the time, turtle soup.

The Saratoga Restaurant was founded in downtown Warren in 1916. Brothers Harry and Nick Economos acquired the restaurant in 1935. In 1960, Harry’s son, Jim Economos, stepped up to join his father and uncle in managing the restaurant. In 1988, Eric and Chrisi Economos, Jim’s son and daughter, became partners in the business. Today, Chrisi and Eric proudly carry on the fine tradition of serving delighted diners. Chrisi and Eric invite you to join in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Saratoga Restaurant in 2016.

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